Principal's Message

Our collective goal is to develop 21st century global citizens who embrace academic rigor, critical thinking, and social and cultural responsibility.


Stonegate is a school focused on the success of the whole child. We hold high expectations for all members of the Stonegate family; students, staff and community members alike. Our expectations are that all students will perform at the highest academic levels, treat others with the utmost respect and courtesy, and be active and contributing members of our school culture. Our instruction is founded on the belief that critical thinking and problem solving are essential to students becoming 21st century citizens. We believe that strong, foundational skills in reading and math provide the platform from which students launch into higher order thinking strategies and successes. In order for our students to be 21st century learners, we must be 21st century teachers. With a commitment to strong professional development, a powerful Professional Learning Community, and a focus on technological integration, we attend to the academic, social-emotional and personal well-being of all students. It is equally important that we foster deep and meaningful relationships with the families we serve. This combination of academic rigor, 21st century instructional practices, a focus on each child’s unique needs, and a strong community synergy epitomizes the Stonegate culture.